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Any form of fraud can cause significant emotional and financial harm.

Safety Solutions Training Ltd. are delighted to promote our new Facebook Page, ‘Scam Alert UK’. We aim to raise awareness of the various scams currently active in the UK. 

Features to look out for:

– ‘From HMRC Gov. uk’

<> look at the senders email address (scammers are crafty, they will try to create an email address similar to the organisation. It’s a first sign!

– ‘Dear …………….@hotmail .com’

the letter may start with ‘Dear email address’, or if known, your name may be in capital letters to help avoid scam filters.

– ‘the link expire’s on 30 November 2018’.

The email was sent on the 30th November. Scammers try to pressure you to do something immediately. In some case, they choose to send emails late Friday afternoons or over a weekend to make it difficult to verify if the email is authentic.

– The web link when opened is designed to look authentic, but once again look at the web page address.


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