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Crime Prevention Awareness Training

Course Background:

The Licensing Act 2003 (the Act) focuses on the promotion of four statutory licensing objectives which must be addressed when licensing functions are undertaken.

The four licensing objectives are:

– Public safety
– The prevention of public nuisance
– The protection of children from harm
– The prevention of crime and disorder

This Crime Prevention awareness training course is designed to provide staff with an understanding of crimes that can occur, with a specific focus within the licensed premises entertainment industry. Attendees will appreciate that the inviting social settings which attract people of all ages can be a lucrative environment for the motivated or indeed casual offender to commit crime. While customers are relaxed and chatting their awareness of, and the implications of being a victim of crime are dramatically reduced which in turn presents opportunities for criminals to commit crime.


During this half day training course attendees will appreciate that simple actions can have a significant impact on crime.  Being vigilant to the arrival of persons who may be intent on committing crime by increasing their general awareness of the possible signs that criminals may present.  Attendees will also have an understanding of the various tactics that criminals use to commit crime.  This Crime Prevention awareness training course will provide staff with a greater understanding of crime and the use of positive early intervention tactics in addition to positive engagement with customers which can all lead to reducing the consequences and effects of crime within licensed premises.

Training Delivery:

The Crime Prevention awareness training course is delivered in a relaxed, informal and flexible manner, with emphasis on the opportunity for questions and discussion. The learning process is very interactive and involves a variety of exercises designed to educate and motivate participants.

Learning Objectives:

  • Open discussion in relation to crime that can occur in the Licensed Premises Industry
  • Crime figures/statistics in the Licensed Premises Industry
  • Consequences of crime and reputational damage
  • Circumstances that can lead to Crime – The Crime Triangle
  • Suspicious criminal activity – body language, the unusual/protracted interest in the presence and placement of CCTV and interest in staff practices within public and private space … victim selection!
  • Tactics used by criminals to commit crime
  • The 10 Principles of Crime Prevention – focus on key strategies pertinent to the Licensed Premises Industry
  • Staff vigilance, actions to deter crime on Licensed Premises

Crime Prevention Awareness Training


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