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Policesol Training Program


Course Background

Empowering Through Understanding: Bridging Communities and Policing

The Policesol Training Program was born out of a pressing need to address complex societal issues surrounding fear, perceptions, and the experiences of individuals who, due to their backgrounds and past experiences in their home countries, held apprehensions about the police. These anxieties often stemmed from prior interactions with law enforcement that were vastly different from the community-oriented and service-driven approach of the South Wales Police.

Understanding these apprehensions, Vince Donovan, the Director of Safety Solutions and former Cardiff Community Safety Police Officer with South Wales Police, collaborated with Ms. Sue Morris from Cardiff City Council’s Parade English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Service to create a unique program. Its primary aim was to introduce students to the multifaceted roles of the police within the United Kingdom while providing essential insights into the country’s criminal laws and personal safety.

In particular, there was a recognition of the need to address the fears and perceptions held by individuals who had undergone traumatic experiences in their home countries. Many of these individuals had experienced oppressive policing, leading to deep-rooted distrust of law enforcement. Such perceptions not only hindered community integration but also strained relations between these communities and the South Wales Police.

Furthermore, Policesol was designed to tackle gender roles and disparities, particularly by encouraging the participation of female police officers and Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs). Their presence in the training sessions was instrumental in providing valuable insights into sensitive subjects such as domestic violence and child protection. These female officers served as role models, breaking down gender stereotypes and fostering a sense of empowerment among the students.


The overarching purpose of the Policesol Training Program was twofold:

  • Bridging the Gap: The program aimed to bridge the gap between diverse communities and the police. By educating students about the workings of the UK police force and promoting open dialogue, it sought to dispel misconceptions and fears, thereby fostering trust and cooperation.
  • Empowering Through Knowledge: Policesol empowered students by enhancing their English language skills, specifically tailored to police interactions. This enabled them to communicate more effectively with police officers, asserting their own perspectives and needs. The program also aimed to empower students by providing them with comprehensive insights into the role of the police in UK society, dispelling apprehensions, and instilling confidence.

The involvement of female police officers and PCSOs was integral to this empowerment process. Their presence not only challenged gender norms but also enriched the training sessions with their expertise, particularly in addressing sensitive topics like domestic violence and child protection. This multidimensional approach aimed to create a safer, more inclusive community where everyone felt valued and understood, regardless of their background or past experiences.

Policesol training program


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