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Mental Health Awareness at Work, Safety Solutions Training


Mental Health Awareness at Work


The workplace has a powerful effect on the wellbeing and mental health of employees. Health affects productivity.


The focus of this Mental Health awareness workshop is for participants to be able to identify, understand and provide guidance to anyone who may be developing a mental health issue. Understand the stigma and taboo surrounding mental health, and take a look at ‘best practice’ techniques, resilience and coping skills. An introduction to mental health and diagnosed illness’, self-harm and suicide.

Training Delivery

Sarah Jones has worked in support and wellbeing since 1991 and employed by Mind (the Mental Health charity) for 18 years in a variety of roles. Her experience covers all aspects of mental health support and includes facilitating courses such as ‘Anxiety Management’, ‘Stress Control’ and ‘Living Life to the Full’. She has created and delivered recovery and wellbeing workshops and seminars, provided one to one specialist and tenancy support and promoted mental health awareness and training to the wider community.

With over 10 years’ experience of amateur dramatics and the performing arts, Sarah is keen to use her skills to encourage team building and fun, engaging motivational workshops. Sarah can provide individuals with the tools and skills they need to thrive in a team environment, focusing on their strengths and promoting balanced, resilient and supportive environments.

Mental Health Awareness at Work Workshop

  • Introduction – mental health, stigma and taboo
  • Activity – Do and discuss the ‘Time to change’ myth and fact quiz
  • Identifying the signs – looking at the events, reactions and risk factors that can affect our mental health and increase our vulnerability to it
  • Activity – events/reactions and risk factor sheets [group activity]
  • Activity – ‘shaky man’ [group activity] based around anxiety and depression the signs and symptoms
  • Discuss anxiety and depression. Best practice and support
  • Link our ‘shaky man’ with our Events/Reactions/Risk factors
  • Discuss suicide, how we pick up on ‘invitations’ and discuss some suicide facts
  • How to help someone with suicidal thoughts
  • The Mental health diagnosis/illness’s … what are they … what do we know, myths and facts?
  • The T-shirt activity … wear your mental health diagnosis on your t-shirt design
  • Design a T-shirt that displays and explains a diagnosis, your way [group activity]
  • Support in the workplace … what can we do to support each other
  • Solutions and good practice for mental health support and wellbeing in the workplace
  • Legislation and employee information
  • Self-care – how do we look after ourselves and our colleagues
  • Easy Mindfulness and relaxation



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