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Conflict Management For Teachers 

Course Background

Teaching environments are complex and intense, with high potential for conflict between students, teachers, parents and administrators. This conflict, if not properly managed, can undermine relationships and the ability for teachers to do their jobs effectively. Conflict management training is therefore crucial to equip teachers and lecturers with the skills needed to prevent and resolve conflicts in constructive ways.

There are several key reasons why conflict management skills are so important for teachers:

  • Classrooms and schools are full of diverse personalities and learning needs, which can easily lead to misunderstandings and clashes if not handled carefully. Teachers need to be able to facilitate positive communication and mediate tensions.
  • Conflicts with students can escalate quickly if teachers do not have the right techniques for de-escalation and resolution. Well-managed classrooms are essential for effective learning.
  • Parent/guardian-teacher conflicts can become very emotionally charged. Teachers need strategies to have difficult conversations with parents in a solutions-focused manner.
  • Staff conflicts between colleagues or with administrators can negatively impact school culture and cross over into the classroom environment. Teachers having conflict competencies helps maintain staff cohesion.
  • Teacher stress is lessened when they feel confident addressing inevitable interpersonal problems that will arise in their jobs. Burnout risk is reduced.
  • Conflict management skills allow teachers to role model constructive conflict behaviours for students to learn from in developing their own social-emotional skills.

    Equipping teachers and lecturers with targeted conflict management training provides them with the vital skills to not just survive but thrive in their complex roles. It benefits teachers, students, parents and the whole school community for better learning environments.


    This intensive one-day course will provide teachers with hands-on training in conflict management strategies and communication techniques through interactive sessions and realistic scenarios.

    The practical learning experiences will give teachers actionable tools to prevent conflicts from arising, intervene in confrontational behaviour, facilitate student communication, and repair damaged relationships with students and parents.

    Teachers will gain greater confidence in addressing conflicts head-on, managing challenging personalities, reducing their own stress levels, and promoting constructive conflict behaviours. They will be equipped with a comprehensive toolkit to create more positive, cohesive classroom environments.

    Learning Objectives

    • Understand the causes and dynamics of confrontational situations with students and parents.
    • Identify early warning signs through body language cues and verbal threats.
    • Implement de-escalation techniques through active listening, empathy and non-violent communication.
    • Use classroom management strategies to maintain control and avoid escalation.
    • Assess risks and know when to call for assistance in volatile situations.
    • Apply conflict resolution techniques to diffuse tension and repair relationships.
    • Build confidence in mediating heated conversations and defusing anger.
    • Develop skills in negotiation, compromise, and consensus building.
    • Learn appropriate follow-up actions like incident reporting after confrontations.
    • Foster personal resilience and lower burnout risk through effective conflict management.
    • Create an action plan to implement learnings in your workplace. 

    Training Delivery

    The conflict management training will be delivered in a relaxed yet focused manner to create an open and engaging learning environment. Participants will be encouraged to actively interact, ask questions, share experiences, and take part in case study exercises.

    The trainer will facilitate the sessions in an informal, flexible style to draw out perspectives, foster discussion, and make the learning highly participatory. A variety of interactive learning methods will be utilised to bring the core concepts and techniques to life.

    Case studies will enable teachers to understand real-world scenarios and decision dynamics. Group work will develop teamwork, while self-reflection will cement individual learning.

    All activities are designed to not just impart knowledge but motivate and equip teachers with practical, real-world skills to manage conflicts in their classrooms and schools. The interactive delivery methods aim to help teachers integrate the techniques through hands-on experience and make the training impactful and enjoyable. Participants will leave feeling inspired, confident and prepared to implement their learnings.

    Conflict Management Training for Teachers



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