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Conflict Management and Lone Worker Safety for Housing Associations

Stress, Anxiety and Workplace WELL BEING


The workplace has a powerful effect on the well being and mental health of employees. Health affects productivity.


The Stress Anxiety and Workplace Well being workshop aims to manage and identify the signs. Employees will learn the techniques to resilience and coping with stress and anxiety in the workplace.

Evidence shows that, when organisations proactively improve their working environments and promote health, all adverse health-related outcomes, including absence and injuries, decrease.

This makes a strong business case for creating a healthy workplace.* The Government’s Health, Work and Wellbeing strategy encourages and supports employers in initiatives to improve the health and well being of working age people.

Training Delivery

Training is delivered in a relaxed, informal and flexible manner, with an emphasis on the opportunity for questions and discussion. The learning process is very interactive and involves a variety of exercises designed to educate and motivate participants.

Interactive Workshop

  • The focus of the first half of the workshop is Stress and Anxiety, how it impacts on ourselves and others around us
  • What is Stress? – how it can lead to Anxiety, its effect on the workplace and the stigma and taboo
  • Fight, Flight, Freeze – our primal instincts
  • Activity – Mr Pop – events and contributors to stress
  • Identifying how Stress effects our mind, body, health and our lifestyle. Activity – Mr Pop
  • Invitations – [warning signs] identifying stress in ourselves and others
  • How we feed Stress [hurry sickness]
  • Short relaxation/mindfulness de-stressor tips

The objective of the second half of the workshop is to optimise Wellbeing and/or develop team

  • The impact of stress in the workplace – Activity – group questions/dilemmas
  • Equality act, legislation and employee support following the 6 key areas of managing work related stress.
  • Creating a positive, supportive workplace to encourage `Selfcare’ and the value of `Flourishing’ building staff resilience.
  • fun de-stressor exercise
  • Mindfulness and relaxation tips – full body scan




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