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County Lines, Gang & Knife Crime Safeguarding Training

Course Overview:

The County Lines, Gangs, and Knife Crime Safeguarding training course is a crucial educational programme created to tackle the pressing issues of county lines operations, gang-related activities, and knife crime in our communities. This training course acknowledges the critical importance of safeguarding vulnerable individuals, especially young people, from the harmful influence posed by these criminal activities. 


County lines, the involvement of young people in gangs, and the rising incidents of knife crime present formidable challenges in our society today. These issues transcend geographical boundaries, affecting urban and rural areas alike. County lines operations involve criminal networks exploiting young people and vulnerable individuals to transport and distribute drugs across different regions. Gang-related activities can lead to violence, coercion, and exploitation, while knife crime poses a severe threat to community safety. 


The primary purpose of the County Lines, Gangs, and Knife Crime Safeguarding training course is to equip professionals, community leaders, and concerned individuals with the knowledge and skills required to safeguard potential victims, identify signs of involvement, and intervene effectively. This training aims to empower attendees to take proactive measures in tackling these issues within their respective roles and communities. 

Key Objectives:

Throughout this comprehensive training course, participants will:

  • Understand County Lines Operations: Gain insights into the intricacies of county lines drug distribution networks, their recruitment methods, and the impact on young people and communities.
  • Recognise Gang Dynamics: Develop an understanding of the factors that lead young individuals to join gangs, the structure of gangs, and the associated risks.
  • Identify Knife Crime Patterns: Learn to recognise the signs of knife crime involvement, understand the motivations behind it, and the consequences it poses to individuals and communities.
  • Safeguard Vulnerable Individuals: Explore safeguarding techniques and strategies to protect vulnerable individuals, especially children and young people, from the influence of county lines, gangs, and knife crime.
  • Intervene and Support: Develop the skills necessary to intervene effectively and provide support to those affected by these issues. 

Training Delivery:

Our training course is delivered by experienced professionals in the field of safeguarding, youth intervention, and community safety. The course is interactive, combining theoretical knowledge with practical insights and real-world case studies. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in discussions, scenarios, and exercises that enhance their understanding and enable them to apply their learning effectively.

This training is not just about raising awareness; it’s about equipping individuals with the tools to make a real difference in the lives of vulnerable individuals and the safety of our communities. Join us in this essential training course to become part of the solution in addressing County Lines, Gangs, and Knife Crime Safeguarding. Together, we can safeguard our communities and protect our young people from harm.


Vince Donovan is an exceptional professional who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to our County Lines, Gangs, and Knife Crime Safeguarding training course. With an impressive career spanning thirty years of dedicated service with South Wales Police, Vince has honed his expertise in critical areas of law enforcement. His background includes substantial contributions to community safety, crime prevention, and the fight against hate crime, providing him with a profound understanding of the complex challenges we face.

One of the most significant chapters in Vince’s career spans seven years of unwavering commitment and focused efforts. During this time, he worked closely with a significant number of vulnerable individuals, navigating the intricate landscape of those at risk of various forms of violent extremism. Vince’s role extended beyond traditional policing, as he provided crucial support to the families of young people who had left the United Kingdom to engage with terrorist groups abroad.

Vince Donovan’s journey is a testament to his dedication and determination in addressing some of the most pressing issues in our society. His extensive experience and deep insights into the intricacies of county lines, gang-related activities, and knife crime make him an exceptional trainer for this course. Vince’s practical experience in dealing with the complexities of these issues allows him to provide not just knowledge but invaluable perspectives and strategies for safeguarding our communities.

Participants in the County Lines, Gangs, and Knife Crime Safeguarding training course can expect to benefit significantly from Vince’s profound understanding of these challenges. His commitment to community safety and his genuine passion for making a difference shine through in every aspect of his training delivery. Join us in this essential training course to tap into Vince’s wealth of experience and expertise, and together, we can work towards a safer future for all.

County Lines, Gang & Knife Crime Safeguarding Training

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