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Scam Awareness Training 


Protect Yourself and Community – Join Our Scam Awareness Training

Empowering Public Safety Through Education

At Safety Solutions Training Ltd., we are proud of our Scam Alert UK initiative. Since 2018, this vital Facebook community has united over 10,000 followers in the shared mission of combating fraud. By collectively sharing real experiences and strategies, we are creating a more fraud-resistant public across the UK.

The Scale of the Threat

Scams are rapidly escalating, inflicting financial and emotional devastation. Millions of pounds are lost annually, but the psychological trauma of being deceived can linger long after the financial sting. All ages and demographics are targeted, putting everyone at risk. Join us in turning the tide against this growing menace.

Fight Back with Knowledge

Our comprehensive half-day training course equips you to outsmart scammers. Through examining real-world case studies, you will uncover the latest tricks across phone, text, email, and online platforms. Our experienced instructors will empower you to recognise subtle red flags, respond appropriately to suspicious attempts, and report fraud effectively.

Shared Vigilance for a Safer Community

The more equipped we all are to detect and thwart scams, the safer our community becomes. This course will provide practical knowledge you can share with family, friends, colleagues, and neighbours. By working together, we can drastically diminish the power of scammers to deceive even the savviest targets.

Don’t become another statistic. Register for training that could prevent you from becoming the next victim. Help us build an empowered network across the UK that shuts the door on scammers.

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Join almost 10,000+ followers on our Facebook community Scam Alert UK 

Scam Awareness Training


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