The MHWB Network provides an Effective Strategic Model for organisations wishing to clearly demonstrate how they meet Mental Health & Well Being requirements in accordance with national legislation. Membership of the MHWB Network provides individuals with opportunities for growth and understanding in the following areas:

  • Leadership and Strategy
  • Organisational Culture
  • Personal Development
  • Supporting others
  • Continued Professional Development


TSW Training is a valued partner of Safety Solutions Training Ltd. Together, we combine TSW’s expertise in crafting personalised training solutions with Safety Solutions’ proven track record in delivering high-impact specialist training programs. This powerful alliance allows us to offer our clients an unparalleled range of training options, ensuring we can address your organisation’s specific needs and learning objectives.

Through this partnership, we can provide you with bespoke training programs that go beyond the generic. Whether your team requires honed leadership skills, improved communication abilities, or specialised safety training in niche areas, our collaborative approach ensures we develop a cost-effective solution tailored to your unique requirements.


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