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Microsoft Teams for teachers and trainers

Unleash the Power of Microsoft Teams for Dynamic Virtual Training

Elevate Your Online Instruction: From Good to Exceptional!

Calling all Teachers, Lecturers, and Trainers! Imagine this: your virtual training sessions are a hive of activity. Students and clients are actively engaged, collaborating in real-time, and brimming with enthusiasm to learn. They effortlessly retain information and readily apply it to their work or studies. This is the transformative power of Microsoft Teams for Trainers & Teachers!

Safety Solutions recognises the need to elevate online instruction beyond the limitations of traditional platforms. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive course designed to revolutionise your training approach. Unlock the full potential of Microsoft Teams and create exceptional training experiences that leave a lasting impact.

This intensive half-day workshop is specifically crafted for organisations and groups seeking to:

  • Standardise Online Training Delivery Across Teams (Say Goodbye to Inconsistency!): Equip your entire team of trainers with a consistent and effective approach to virtual training using Microsoft Teams. No more scrambling for the right tools or relying on individual teaching styles. Everyone will be on the same page, delivering high-quality training experiences.
  • Boost Employee Engagement and Knowledge Retention (From Passive to Active Learners!): Foster a dynamic learning environment that keeps participants actively involved. Leverage Teams’ interactive features like polls, breakout rooms, and multifaceted screen sharing to transform passive listeners into active learners. Information will stick better, and participants will walk away with actionable knowledge.

Training Delivery

Training is delivered in a relaxed, informal and flexible manner with an emphasis on the opportunity for questions and demonstration. The learning process is very interactive and involves a variety of interactive examples designed to educate and motivate participants.

Training can be tailored for one participant or larger groups.

In the following video, Vince Donovan demonstrates how to connect with your audience during virtual presentations using Zoom. However, with the increasing popularity and seamless integration of Microsoft Teams, we have now shifted our focus to educating trainers on leveraging the capabilities of Teams for more focused and effective online training delivery.

Over the course of this enriching half-day workshop, you’ll acquire the expertise to:

  • Become a Teams Master: Navigate with ease, master essential settings, explore advanced security features, and create a seamless, secure training environment.
  • Craft Captivating Sessions: Learn best practices for lighting, backgrounds, and crafting compelling invitations to set the stage for an exceptional training experience.
  • Fuel Engagement Like Never Before: Harness the power of interactive features like polls, breakout rooms with group assignments and timings, host support options (dropping in/out, closing), and multifaceted screen sharing (PowerPoint, web browsers, documents, iPad/iPhone screens).
  • Facilitate Collaborative Learning: Discover the power of whiteboards and annotation tools to facilitate brainstorming sessions and real-time, interactive learning.
  • Empower Participants with Confidence: Explore techniques for sharing the “host” role and effectively utilise guest speakers with screen sharing capabilities.
  • Promote Accessibility for All: Delve into closed captions, live translation options, and recording functionalities to ensure inclusive learning environments.
  • Maximise Reach and Impact: Learn to stream your sessions live and explore methods to upload recordings to YouTube for wider accessibility and increased engagement.
  • Bonus: Gain valuable tips specifically tailored to teacher training in a virtual environment.

Don’t settle for mediocre virtual meetings. Enrol today and transform your online training with Microsoft Teams!


During the pandemic, Safety Solutions Training assisted numerous trainers in enhancing their virtual training presentations on the Zoom platform. However, with the increasing popularity and seamless integration of Microsoft Teams, we have now shifted our focus to educating trainers on leveraging the capabilities of Teams for effective online training delivery.


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