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Empowering Organisations Through Training Solutions


Safeguarding Your Workforce and Valued Clients

At Safety Solutions, we stand as more than just another training provider. We serve as the gateway to a safer, more secure future. Our mission is clear: to equip individuals and organisations with the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to navigate the multifaceted challenges of our contemporary world.

Why opt for Safety Solutions?

In a world where violence, extremism, and the perils of everyday existence endure, knowledge becomes the ultimate power. We specialise in delivering impactful training programmes that empower you to safeguard yourself, your colleagues, and your community.

Our tailored training sessions span across a range of crucial areas:

  • Conflict Management: Acquire the ability to identify, defuse, and respond to potentially volatile situations with assurance.
  • Managing Abusive Phone Calls: Equip yourself or your team with the strategies to adeptly handle and de-escalate abusive phone calls.
  • Lone Worker Personal Safety: Arm yourself with the tools and mindset necessary to ensure your safety when working independently.
  • Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults and Children: Master the skills and protocols essential for safeguarding the most vulnerable members of our society.
  • County Lines, Guns, Knives, and Drugs Safeguarding: Develop an understanding of the threats that endanger our communities and discover effective methods to combat them.
  • Radicalisation and Extremism Safeguarding: Gain valuable insights into the identification and management of radicalisation, contributing to a safer society for all.
  • Anti-Social Behaviour: Access strategies for addressing and mitigating anti-social behaviour, thereby fostering safer neighbourhoods and workplaces.
  • Dangerous Dog Training: Learn the techniques to handle and manage potentially hazardous dogs, ensuring the safety of yourself and others.
  • Professional Boundaries: Gain a comprehensive understanding and establish clear professional boundaries to maintain a secure and respectful work environment.


Your Safety, Our Priority

Your safety remains our utmost priority. Whether you’re a professional looking to bolster your personal security or an organisation committed to protecting your employees and stakeholders, Safety Solutions is your trusted partner in safety and security education.

Browse our website to explore our comprehensive training programmes and resources that will aid you in making informed decisions. Don’t leave your safety to chance; join those who’ve chosen preparedness.

Together, we can forge a safer, more resilient world.

Expertise and Real-World Experience:

At Safety Solutions Training Ltd., our friendly and experienced team of trainers consists of distinguished retired police officers renowned for their extensive real-world proficiency. Their remarkable depth of experience firmly establishes our company as an industry leader in pivotal domains like Conflict Management, Lone Worker Personal Safety Training, Safeguarding Vulnerable Individuals and managing Anti-Social Behaviour.

Join us and benefit from our expertise and real-world experience to enhance your safety skills.

Tailored Training Solutions:

At Safety Solutions Training Ltd., we are dedicated to providing friendly and personalised training solutions that uphold the highest standards of quality. Our meticulously crafted training programs, whether conducted in-person or virtually, are designed with utmost care to cater to your specific needs. With our tailored approach, both organisations and individuals can greatly benefit from training that perfectly aligns with their unique requirements. Experience the transformative power of customised training solutions from Safety Solutions Training Ltd., where your success is our top priority.

Commitment to Safety and Excellence:

 At Safety Solutions Training Ltd., our unwavering commitment to safety and excellence sets us apart. We believe in delivering training solutions that excel in quality and practicality while offering cost-effective options. With our high standards in quality and safety, our clients not only benefit from effective training but also find peace of mind in the reliability of our services. Trust Safety Solutions Training Ltd. for unmatched training solutions that prioritise excellence and safety.

Over 50 amazing 5-star Google Reviews!

I attended a conflict management and personal safety training course with Vince and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I learnt a lot about how to keep myself safe at work and in my own personal life. Very informative! Thank you! I look forward to more training from Safety Solutions


Maram Al-Khalaileh, The Huggard Homeless Centre

Refreshing, innovative and modern. WOW what an amazing way of bringing the virtual world of training into the 2022 realms of possibilities. Inspiring trainer, great teachings and inspiring work being made here.
Highly recommend! 



Gemma-Marie Gratton Clearsprings Ready Homes

Attended the personal safety session at Melin Homes today. In 20 years of working in social housing this is the most informative and thought-provoking course I have ever been on.

Vince kept us engaged all day! 



John Lewis, Melin Homes

Vince Donovan, Director

Vince Donovan, a highly respected professional with 30 years of experience as a police officer with South Wales Police. Throughout his esteemed career, Vince held various roles including community policing, CID, firearms, community safety, hate crime management, and counter terrorism. He has delivered training to over 400 organisations across the UK, making him widely recognised as a national keynote speaker with invaluable insights into managing violence and aggression in the workplace. Additionally, Vince provides specialist training for regional IOSH groups throughout the United Kingdom.

His dedication to raising awareness and addressing important societal issues is reflected in his regular participation in interviews on national BBC Radio, covering topics such as personal safety, radicalisation, and violent extremism. With Vince Donovan as an integral member of our team, Safety Solutions Training Ltd. is well-equipped to deliver comprehensive and expert training solutions. Benefit from Vince’s extensive experience and knowledge to enhance your organisation’s understanding and preparedness in the face of evolving safety concerns.

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