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Safeguarding Individuals
Vulnerable to Violent Extremism


Course Background

The current threat from terrorism in the United Kingdom can involve the exploitation of vulnerable people, including children, young people and vulnerable adults. There is no single profile of a potential terrorist but terrorist groups sometimes try to recruit people who are susceptible to radicalisation or already vulnerable in some why. This can happen in person or over the internet. Recognising the symptoms and taking action helps to safeguard the individual and those around them.

This one day Safeguarding Individual’s Vulnerable to Violent Extremism training program, is designed to equip staff working within the public, private and third sectors, to gain a greater understanding of the various factors that may influence an individual towards violent extremism. 

There is no such thing as a ‘typical extremist’ and those involved in extremism come from a range of backgrounds and experiences.  Most individuals, even those who hold radical views, do not become involved in violent extremism.  Numerous factors can contribute to and influence the range of behaviours that are defined as violent extremism.  It is important therefore to be cautious in assessing these factors to avoid inappropriately labelling or stigmatising individuals because they possess a characteristic or fit a specific profile.  It is vital therefore that all professionals who have contact with potential vulnerable individuals are able to recognise those vulnerabilities and help to increase and promote safe choices.

The Safeguarding Individuals Vulnerable to Violent Extremism training program is designed to provide a clear framework for all professionals working with children and adults for whom there is a concern that they may be at risk of becoming involved in violent extremist activity.

Learning Objectives

  • An understanding of the Prevent agenda (UK Governments Counter Terrorism strategy) and the new Counter Terrorism Security Act 2015 (the legal impact upon specified authorities)
  • Appreciate why certain individuals may be susceptible to radical and extreme views
  • Extremist activities – a Welsh context
  • An overview of Islamic, far right and lone actor extremism
  • Recognise various methods used by extremist and terrorist groups to radicalise and recruit vulnerable individuals; the internet, social media, imagery, language, narratives, demonstrations and personal contact
  • The ability for staff engaging with service users to recognise potentially vulnerable individuals and know when an intervention may be necessary to provide support
  • Knowledge of how and where to refer concerns concerning vulnerable individuals
  • The Channel program – a multi-agency support program to support individuals vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism.

Training Delivery

Through the use of various workshops, training will assist attendees consider many factors in order to develop an understanding of this issue. Attendees will also reflect upon those factors that build resilience and protect individuals.


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