Safeguarding Individuals Vulnerable to violent Extremism


The United Kingdom faces an ongoing terrorism threat that often exploits vulnerabilities in individuals, including children, young people, and vulnerable adults. There is no single profile for potential terrorists, but they frequently target those susceptible to radicalisation or who are already vulnerable, both in person and online. Recognising warning signs and taking proactive measures is vital to protect not only the individual but also the broader community.

This one-day training programme, “Safeguarding Individuals Vulnerable to Violent Extremism,” is carefully designed to empower professionals in the public, private, and third sectors with a deep understanding of the various factors that can lead individuals towards violent extremism.

Who Should Attend?

This course is crucial for professionals across various sectors, including:

  • Social Workers: To better understand and address the needs of vulnerable individuals who may be susceptible to extremist influences.
  • Teachers and Youth Workers: Equipping them with the knowledge to identify signs of radicalisation and guide young people towards safer choices.
  • Local Authorities: Enhancing their ability to collaborate with partner agencies and protect the welfare of their communities.
  • Police Officers: Strengthening their skills in recognising and responding to potential extremist threats.
  • Council Workers: Preparing them to play an active role in safeguarding individuals vulnerable to violent extremism within their communities.
  • Nurses and Hospital Staff: Ensuring they can spot potential signs of radicalisation among patients and take appropriate action.
  • Professionals in the Third Sector: Providing them with the tools to support and protect vulnerable clients.

It’s important to stress that there is no “typical extremist.” Individuals associated with extremism come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Importantly, the majority of individuals, even those with radical inclinations, do not turn to violent extremism. The course emphasises the need to consider a range of contributing factors and influences behind behaviours classified as violent extremism. Therefore, it is imperative for all professionals who may engage with potentially vulnerable individuals to recognise these vulnerabilities, thereby facilitating informed and safe choices while avoiding unjust labelling or stigmatisation.

The “Safeguarding Individuals Vulnerable to Violent Extremism” programme offers a clear, actionable framework for professionals working with children and adults who may be at risk of involvement in violent extremist activities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the Prevent agenda (the UK Government’s Counter Terrorism strategy) and the implications of the Counter Terrorism Security Act 2015 for specified authorities.
  • Understand the factors that make certain individuals susceptible to radical and extreme views.
  • Explore extremist activities within the context of Wales.
  • Gain insight into various forms of extremism, including Islamic, far-right, and lone actor extremism.
  • Recognise the diverse methods employed by extremist and terrorist groups to radicalise and recruit vulnerable individuals, spanning the realms of the internet, social media, imagery, language, narratives, demonstrations, and personal contact.
  • Enable staff engaged with service users to identify potentially vulnerable individuals and discern when intervention may be warranted to offer necessary support.
  • Acquire knowledge regarding the appropriate channels for referring concerns related to vulnerable individuals.
  • Delve into the Channel programme, a multi-agency initiative designed to support individuals at risk of being drawn into terrorism.


By participating in the “Safeguarding Individuals Vulnerable to Violent Extremism” training programme, you’re not just enhancing your knowledge; you’re becoming an instrumental agent in safeguarding individuals and our communities from the devastating impact of violent extremism. Together, we can foster a safer, more resilient society, well-equipped to recognise vulnerabilities and promote the choices that lead away from extremism.

Vince Donovan, Director

Trainer Profile: Vince Donovan

Vince Donovan brings an unparalleled wealth of expertise and experience to the realm of Prevent and counter-terrorism efforts. Having retired from South Wales Police in September 2014, Vince concluded a remarkable thirty-year police career, leaving an indelible mark in safeguarding communities from extremist threats.

During his tenure as a Prevent Engagement officer in Cardiff, Vince Donovan demonstrated unwavering dedication and resolve. His invaluable experience spans six pivotal years, where he worked tirelessly with a diverse range of vulnerable individuals. His focus extended to working closely with the families of individuals involved in terrorist campaigns, displaying remarkable compassion and understanding.

Notably, Vince Donovan’s dedication reached across borders, as he engaged with families whose loved ones had embarked on perilous journeys to join terrorist groups in Kenya (Al-Shabaab) and Syria (ISIS). His efforts were instrumental in providing support and guidance to these families during unimaginably challenging times.

Vince’s influence radiated throughout South Wales, where he fostered close collaborations with statutory partners. These partners included Local Authorities, the Health Service, Probation, and the Education sector, encompassing both Higher Education (H.E.) and Further Education (F.E.). On behalf of South Wales Police, Vince assumed a leadership role, meticulously designing and delivering bespoke Prevent training programmes. These initiatives, including WRAP (Workshops to Raise Awareness of Prevent), were extended to staff within the police service, statutory bodies, and external partners alike.

In every facet of his career, Vince Donovan exemplifies an unwavering commitment to Prevent and counter-terrorism efforts. His profound knowledge and practical experience make him an undisputed authority in the field. When you train with Vince Donovan, you’re learning from a true pioneer and a beacon of hope in the vital mission of safeguarding our communities from extremist threats.

Join us in benefiting from Vince’s unparalleled insights and expertise to create a safer, more resilient society. Together, we can make a substantial impact in the fight against extremism and the protection of our shared future. 

Prevent - Safeguarding Individuals Vulnerable to Violent Extremism Training


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