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All Wales NHS Violence and Aggression Passport Scheme


Course Background:

The scheme was developed by the All Wales NHS Steering Group for the Management of Violence and Aggression. The Group was established as it was recognised that there remains a significant risk to staff working in the NHS as a result of incidents of violence and aggression.

Employers are required to develop policies, procedures and documentation which will help to identify and manage the risk of violence and aggression. The scheme provided guidance in the following three areas;

Module A:

This will provide participants with a general introduction to the subject of violence and aggression. It will provide a basic overview of the importance of managing violence and aggression in the workplace. It will also reflect upon the prevalence of violence and aggression within society and its relevance to the workplace. This will be supported through the provision of clear definitions for violence and aggression. Local policy and procedures will also be introduced.

Module B:

This will provide participants with greater awareness of issues associated with the theory of personal safety and de-escalation. Emphasis is placed upon the importance of de-escalation and the steps which can be taken to prevent incidents of violence and aggression occurring in the first place. The module is intended to equip participants with the skills to recognise and de-escalate potential violent incidents and will include issues associated with customer care and diversity.

Module C:

This will provide the participant with practical skills to enable them to breakaway from a situation of violence and aggression. Emphasis will be placed upon the importance of communication skills and management of personal safety throughout all breakaway techniques.


Module A – Induction and Awareness Raising

  • To raise awareness of employers and employees rights and responsibilities.
  • To introduce key issues in the management of violence and aggression.
  • To raise awareness of the changing culture of violence and aggression in society and in relation to NHS/organisation employees.
  • To raise awareness of the duty of care by the employer and employee.
  • To raise awareness of the meaning of the terms violence and aggression.
  • To raise awareness of the existence of the local policy and procedure and their location.
  • To raise awareness of staff support systems available within the organisation.
  • To raise awareness of the importance of reporting incidents of violence and aggression

Module BTheory of Personal Safety and De-escalation

  • To increase awareness of personal safety
  • To increase awareness of the environment and the risks that it can present
  • To increase awareness of cultural and gender issues
  • To raise awareness of the term ‘assault’
  • To gain an understanding of how behaviour escalates into a violent and/or aggressive situation
  • To emphasise the importance of relevant health and safety legislation
  • To increase recognition of trigger factors which can lead to violent and/or aggressive behaviour
  • To have an awareness of communication skills which can assist in diffusing violent and aggressive situations
  • To increase awareness of the post incident support debriefing

Module C – Breakaway

  • To provide practical techniques enabling breakaway from violent/aggressive situations
  • To reinforce the need to maintain communication which can assist in diffusing a violent/aggressive situation
  • Demonstrate and practice the practical use of breakaway techniques, from an attack/grab, without causing harm to those involved
  • situations will include; hair grabs, wrist grabs, clothes grabs & strangle holds
  • Describe situations which may require additional assistance
  • To increase awareness of local reporting procedures. To increase awareness of the use of personal alarm systems

Training Delivery

Training is delivered in a relaxed, informal and flexible manner, with emphasis on the opportunity for questions and discussion. The learning process is very interactive and involves a variety of exercises designed to educate and motivate participants.

All Wales NHS Violence and Aggression Passport


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