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Conflict Management and Lone Worker Personal Safety for Social Housing Providers


Course Background

In the increasingly demanding environment for Social Housing providers, employees encounter growing challenges. When visiting contract holders in their homes, they may face difficult individuals who exhibit anger and aggression. Contract holders often have complex needs, which can include alcohol or substance misuse, ownership of dangerous dogs, substandard living conditions, and a tendency to behave inappropriately towards staff or make baseless allegations or complaints.

Prioritising safety is essential for both your staff and the clients they serve. Our Conflict Management and Lone Worker Personal Safety Training equips Housing Association employees with the confidence and skills necessary to skilfully manage these intricate situations.

Our highly interactive and engaging in-house or virtual training course equips staff with effective strategies to manage challenging behaviours in social housing environments. With expert delivery and a strong emphasis on interactive learning, our experienced trainers provide a relaxed and flexible learning experience.

With over twenty-five years of experience, we are proud to be the preferred training provider for over three-quarters of social housing providers across Wales, and many more across the UK. Notably, we collaborate with Ready Homes, who provide accommodation for asylum seekers in hotels and HMOs across London, the South East, South West, and throughout Wales.

Health and Safety Compliance:

Explore the Health and Safety at Work Act under the guidance of experts who’ve navigated its complexities. Our dedicated trainers emphasise the shared responsibilities of both employers and employees, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of safety regulations.

Lone Working During Home Visits:

Our course covers a range of crucial aspects, including:

  • Assessing information, checking warning markers prior to home visits
  • Know how and when to use a lone worker device, setting ‘amber alerts’ activating the device in emergency situations
  • Driving or the use of public transport when visiting clients
  • Walking to and from the property
  • Engagement at the front door and going inside
  • Identifying possible safeguarding concerns
  • Dynamic assessments, including assessing for intoxication (drink or drugs),
    sharps, weapons and other potential hazards
  • Strategies for sitting or choosing to stand during visits
  • Excuses to leave if necessary

Preventing Dog Attacks During Property Visits:

Gain a comprehensive knowledge of the escalating risks associated with dog attacks and learn the crucial steps to effectively prevent and respond to such incidents.

Violence and Aggression:

Our course addresses a range of issues, including dealing with:

  • Highly emotional or aggressive contract holders
  • Conflict arising from interactions with contract holder family members and acquaintances
  • Dealing with contract holders who may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Providing support to contract holders facing mental health issues
  • Managing and addressing malicious complaints and allegations
  • Coping with inappropriate sexual advances and related scenarios
  • Recognising and responding to entrapment issues
  • Handling harassment and related issues

Selfdefence legislation, a last resort in dangerous situations:

Acquire an understanding of legal rights and responsibilities concerning the use of force to protect yourself from an attack.

Robust and Effective Incident Reporting:

Our training addresses the obstacles that often hinder incident reporting. We provide strategies to empower your staff to report incidents effectively, even when they feel they may not be serious enough or when they fear reprisals, embarrassment, or believe that nothing will change.

Digital Security and Traceability:

To mitigate online harassment risks, our trainers specialise in digital security and traceability. They comprehend the significance of safeguarding personal information and are dedicated to empowering your staff to proficiently safeguard their online presence.

By the end of this course, you will have gained a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge to effectively manage workplace risks, respond confidently to confrontations, and prioritise personal safety in various challenging scenarios.

Training Delivery:

Engaging Learning Atmosphere: We cultivate a dynamic and interactive learning environment, fostering active engagement and participation among all delegates. Our seasoned trainers skilfully facilitate discussions and hands-on exercises, encouraging participants to take an active role in their learning journey.

Seamless Integration of Theory and Practice: We seamlessly blend theoretical knowledge with practical applications, offering a holistic understanding of conflict management and personal safety for lone workers. This approach ensures that participants not only grasp concepts but also gain the ability to apply them effectively in real-world scenarios.

Real-Life Case Studies and Scenarios: Our training incorporates authentic case studies and scenarios that are directly relevant to the social housing context. This empowers participants to analyse, discuss, and apply their learning to situations they may encounter in their roles.

Up-to-Date Legislation and Policy Knowledge: We prioritise keeping participants current with the latest UK legislation and policies pertaining to conflict management, personal safety, and lone worker regulations. This knowledge together with the integration of organisational policies and procedures, is essential for informed decision-making and compliance.

Our unwavering dedication is to deliver a training program that empowers employees to confidently and competently manage conflicts and ensure personal safety when working alone. Our ultimate goal is to enable you to make a positive and lasting impact on your communities while effectively mitigating risks and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

Conflict Management and Lone Worker Personal Safety for Social Housing Providers


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Conflict Management and Lone Worker Personal Safety for Trades Staff


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