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Calling office while lone working

Lone Working Personal Safety


Course Background

A lone worker is defined as, ‘A worker whose activities involve a large percentage of their working time operating in situations without the benefit of interaction with other workers or without supervision’. Employers have legal duties to assess all risks to health safety and welfare, including the risk of lone working.

Violence at work is an increasing problem for many organisations. However, staff working alone are potentially more vulnerable. Employers should ensure that they assess the risk of violence and implement measures which will prevent or reduce this risk. The risk of violence to lone workers should be no greater than for other workers.

This course aims to provide participants with a host of skills and strategies when working alone.  The combination of theory and practical participation provides delegates with the opportunity to discuss and explore such issues in a safe learning environment.


This one day training course is designed to provide lone workers with the necessary skills and strategies to carry out their work in the safest possible manner.

Training Delivery

Training is delivered in a relaxed, informal and flexible manner, with emphasis on the opportunity for questions and discussion. The learning process is very interactive and involves a variety of exercises designed to educate and motivate participants.


Learning Objectives

  • Know how to plan and organise their work to minimise risks to their personal safety
  • Be able to identify and adopt practical ways of protecting their personal safety while at work
  • Be able to identify situations where their personal safety may be at risk.
  • The importance of information and risk assessments – ‘knowledge is power!’
  • Appreciating the importance of communication systems when lone working
  • Safety when travelling alone
  • Safe strategies particularly when visiting individuals at their home
  • Safe strategies to ‘get out’ should a situation develop.
  • Basic self-defence and breakaway skills
  • Appreciate the need to report and inform line managers in the event of a situation

Lone Worker Personal Safety Training


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