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Managing Abusive and Challenging Phone Calls


Course Background

Unfortunately, clients seldom seem to call to tell you what a great job your organisation is doing. However, they do call to complain when they feel that the service your organisation provides is not meeting with their expectations. Sometimes they are just downright frustrated and angry and you become the target for their annoyance.


This half-day course will provide delegates with a host of practical techniques to help them develop skills to manage hostile clients.


Delegates will have an understanding of the causes of aggressive and challenging behaviour; identify the early physical and emotional stages of aggression, in order to use de-escalation strategies.  Delegates will be brought up to date in relation to Health and Safety legislation and their own organisation’s policies and practices in respect of work related conflict.

Training Delivery

Training is delivered in a relaxed, informal and flexible manner, with emphasis on the opportunity for questions and discussion. The combination of theory and practical participation provides delegates with the opportunity to discuss and explore such issues in a safe learning environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Health and Safety regulations & organisational practices in respect of abusive and threatening phone calls
  • Recognise patterns of conflict unique to communicating by telephone
  • Identify the various stages of conflict escalation
  • Maintain composure during difficult phone calls
  • Use specific skills to structure and control challenging calls
  • Use coping strategies to manage the impact of conflict and aggression
  • Know when to how to formally report incidents effectively

Managing Abusive and Challenging Phone Calls


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