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Managing Service User Anger


Course Background

Anger management is a term used to describe the skills required to recognise that we, or someone else, is becoming angry and to take the appropriate action to deal with such situations in a positive way.

We all feel angry from time to time, yet such feelings can lead us to say or do things that we later regret. Anger can reduce our inhibitions and make us act inappropriately. Sometimes, anger is not expressed externally but remains as internal rumination. Aggression, in contrast, refers to intentional behaviour that aims to harm another person. Often, it reflects a desire for dominance and control.

Research shows that about 90 percent of aggressive incidents are preceded by anger. However, only 10 percent of anger experiences are actually followed by aggression. People often want to act aggressively when angry but, fortunately, most do not actually take aggressive actions. Also, there is sometimes an impulse to engage in problem solving behaviours when angry.


This Managing Service User Anger training course aims to provide attendees with a host of skills and safe strategies to deal effectively with clients’ experiencing anger and aggression. Attendees will recognise when it is safe to intervene with impromptu anger events, using appropriate distraction skills and calming strategies. The course is not designed for formal therapeutic process, but more to support the management of clients with anger issues.

Training Delivery

Training is delivered in a relaxed, informal and flexible manner, with emphasis on the opportunity for questions and discussion. The learning process is very interactive and involves a variety of exercises designed to educate and motivate participants.

Course Content

  • Open discussion on difference between anger and aggression
  • What are the triggers of anger and aggression
  • The effects of anger and how it is displayed both physically and psychologically
  • The difference between hostility and negativity
  • Appreciation of individual and group anger and its effects in the workplace
  • Step by step approach to managing anger in self and others
  • Using assertive behaviour as opposed to aggression/communicating in a constructive and professional manner
  • Planning your personal strategy for managing anger in the workplace

Managing Service User Anger


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