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Male victim of domestic abuse

Personal Safety for
Victims of Domestic Violence


Course Background 

Having provided Personal Safety and Lone Worker training for many of the Women’s Aid organisations throughout Wales, under our previous company name, Conflict Solutions Training & Consultancy Ltd. we were asked to design a Personal Safety training course for Victims of Domestic Violence.

With the support of our Women’s Aid clients, we spoke with a large number of women who had experienced domestic violence to seek their support in designing a training product that was relevant and also practical to meet family commitments.

After considerable research, training was designed and piloted with the support of Amman Valley Women’s Aid and representatives of Welsh Women’s Aid.

We were delighted with the incredible feedback received by all attendees, with many expressing views they felt more confident, empowered and better able to manage violent relationships now and in the future. (It was an incredible experience for the trainers who valued the support of staff from Amman Valley Women’s Aid who joined the session).

Although designed in partnership with Women’s Aid, the Personal Safety for Victims of Domestic Violence training course will provide any person experiencing or vulnerable to domestic violence, with a host of skills and safe strategies to assist them to manage confrontational situations with their potentially violent partners and provide safe strategies to remove themselves from dangerous situations. The combination of theory and group discussions provides an opportunity for attendees to discuss and explore sensitive issues in a safe learning environment.

Training Delivery

With sessions previously delivered in the training room environment, this course is currently available online using Zoom.

Training is delivered in a relaxed, informal and flexible manner with the combination of theory and group ‘breakout room’ discussions, providing an opportunity for delegates to discuss and explore sensitive issues in a safe learning environment.  

To accommodate possible safety concerns, sessions are hosted for all male and all female groups.   

The course is timed to accommodate school hours, 10.00 am start – 3.00 pm finish (this can, however, be varied to meet specific requirements).

Learning Objectives

  • Identify ‘causes and triggers’ that may lead to confrontation
  • Recognise controlling behaviours (includes the use of technology i.e. online bank accounts, phone trackers and household technology such as Alexa and Ring doorbells)
    Identify situations where personal safety may be at risk.
  • Appreciate how confrontation may escalate through the use of body language – early warning signs, warning and danger signs
  • ‘Fight or Flight’ – the body’s natural response to stress
  • Managing confrontation through distractions and interpersonal skills
  • The law in respect of self-defence
  • Escape planning
  • Information and further support

Personal Safety for Victims of Domestic Violence


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