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Personal Safety for
Victims of Domestic Violence


Course Background 

With extensive experience in providing Personal Safety and Lone Worker training, particularly for Women’s Aid organisations throughout Wales, we were inspired to develop a specialised training course tailored to the unique needs of Victims of Domestic Violence.

Collaborating closely with our Women’s Aid partners and engaging with women who have bravely faced domestic violence, we designed this training course to be relevant, practical, and sensitive to the challenges faced by those dealing with domestic violence while managing family commitments.

Through thorough research and close cooperation with Amman Valley Women’s Aid and representatives of Welsh Women’s Aid, we developed and piloted this course, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees. Many expressed feeling more confident, empowered, and better equipped to navigate violent relationships, both presently and in the future.

Designed in partnership with Women’s Aid, this training course extends its reach to anyone experiencing or vulnerable to domestic violence. It equips participants with a range of skills and strategies to manage confrontational situations with potentially violent partners and provides safe methods to extricate themselves from perilous circumstances. The course format combines theory with group discussions to create a safe space for exploring sensitive issues.

Training Delivery

While we have previously conducted in-person sessions in a training room environment, this course is now accessible online via Microsoft Teams.

Our training approach is relaxed, informal, and adaptable, blending theoretical knowledge with group discussions in ‘breakout rooms.’ This format allows delegates to delve into sensitive topics within a secure and supportive learning environment.

To address potential safety concerns, sessions are organised for all-male and all-female groups.

The course schedule is designed to accommodate school hours, commencing at 10:00 am and concluding at 3:00 pm, with flexibility to meet specific requirements.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify Causes and Triggers: Recognise the factors that may lead to confrontational situations.
  • Recognise Controlling Behaviours: Understand controlling behaviours, including the use of technology such as online bank accounts, phone trackers, and household devices like Alexa and Ring doorbells.
  • Assess Personal Safety: Identify situations where personal safety may be compromised.
  • Understanding Confrontation: Appreciate how confrontation can escalate through body language, from early warning signs to danger indicators.
  • ‘Fight or Flight’: Explore the body’s natural response to stress and learn how to manage it effectively.
  • Conflict Management: Develop strategies to manage confrontation through distractions and interpersonal skills.
  • Self-Defence Law: Gain insight into the legal aspects of self-defence.
  • Basic self defence skills (optional)
  • Escape Planning: Learn the importance of escape planning for personal safety.
  • Information and Support: Access information and resources for further assistance and support beyond the course.

    Personal Safety for Victims of Domestic Violence


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