Violence against women and girls

Violence against Women and Girls, Crime Prevention & Personal Safety


Empowering Women, Ensuring Safety: A Comprehensive Course

Violence against women and girls is a pervasive issue that affects individuals across all genders, but women bear a disproportionate burden. The harsh reality is that women face elevated risks of physical assault, even murder, within their trusted circles. Furthermore, they are significantly more likely to endure sexual assault or exploitation throughout their lives, from early childhood to adolescence and beyond.

Alarming Statistics

  • Globally, a staggering 35% of women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence at some point in their lives.
  • Women are more likely to suffer violence from intimate partners.

“Violence against Women and Girls” encompasses gender-based violence that causes or has the potential to cause physical, sexual, or psychological harm or suffering. This includes not only actual acts of violence but also the ominous threat of coercion, arbitrary deprivation of liberty, or intimidation, whether in public or private settings.

Our Commitment to Change

Safety Solutions have developed a comprehensive half-day training course dedicated to raising awareness about the unique risks faced by women and girls, both within the sanctuary of their homes and as they navigate the world independently. Our mission is to equip delegates with a comprehensive set of skills and safety strategies that empower them to effectively identify and engage with women and girls who might be at risk.

Interactive Training Delivery

Our training course is delivered virtually online, with the utmost sensitivity and engagement, prioritising opportunities for questions and discussions. The learning process is highly interactive and features a range of exercises designed to educate and motivate participants simultaneously.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Community Safety: Explore the specific risks and concerns related to violence against women and girls, including child sexual exploitation, gang affiliations, domestic violence, modern slavery, sexual harassment, and more.
  • Identifying High-Risk Locations: Understand the dynamics of high-risk areas, both during the day and at night, such as town/city centres, suburbs, parks/open spaces, bus/train/tube stations, taxis, schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Recognising Vulnerable Women and Girls: Learn to recognise signs and potential behaviours indicative of women and girls who may be at risk.
  • Effective Engagement with At-Risk Individuals: Overcome barriers and address concerns when engaging with individuals who may be at risk. This includes understanding the sensitive nature of their situations and how to offer support without causing further harm.
  • Safety Initiatives: Explore safety initiatives like ‘Ask Angela’ and ‘Ask Ani,’ and understand their significance in ensuring the well-being of women and girls. Learn how to effectively utilise these initiatives to create safer environments.
  • Crime Prevention and Safety Measures: Gain valuable insights into crime prevention advice and information aimed at enhancing personal safety. This includes practical steps and strategies to reduce risks.
  • Support Services and Partnerships: Familiarise yourself with the available support services and partnership initiatives designed to assist and protect women and girls facing violence and threats to their safety. Understand how to connect at-risk individuals with these resources.

    Empowering Action, Fostering Change

    Our training goes beyond awareness; it empowers participants to take action and make a difference. By educating individuals about the risks women and girls face and providing practical skills to address these challenges, we contribute to creating safer environments for all members of society. Join us in our commitment to safeguarding women and girls, promoting community safety, and preventing violence. Together, we can make a lasting impact.

    Tailored Solutions

    This course is designed to empower and educate local authority and housing association staff. However, we also offer bespoke sessions that provide crime prevention advice to women who may join as part of a community group. Our goal is to equip individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to enhance their safety and well-being.

    Violence against Women and Girls - Crime Prevention & Personal Safety Awareness



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