Enhancing Cashpoint Security: Your Guide to Safe Withdrawals

Cashpoint machines have seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, offering a convenient way to access funds. However, ensuring your safety while using these machines requires vigilance and prudent planning. Most cashpoint robberies tend to occur during the evening, particularly between 8:00 PM and midnight. Criminals often lurk nearby, waiting for unsuspecting victims to approach and withdraw cash.

To help you stay secure during cash withdrawals, consider these updated cashpoint security tips:

Choose Well-Lit, High-Traffic Locations: Opt for cashpoint machines in well-lit areas with high foot traffic. Avoid using remote or hidden machines tucked behind buildings, pillars, or away from public view. Be wary of potential hiding spots, such as shrubbery or overgrown trees.

Prioritise Safety Over Convenience: Even if it means going a little out of your way, select a cashpoint that looks and ‘feels’ safer. Criminals sometimes place out-of-order signs on machines to redirect users to compromised ones. Always check for any suspicious items or devices near the cashpoint.

Protect Your PIN: When entering your PIN, cover the keypad, even in shops. Your security matters more than any perceived inconvenience. Memorise your PIN to prevent potential loss and expedite the transaction.

Stay Alert: If someone suspicious approaches during your transaction, immediately cancel it and leave. If the situation escalates, loudly and firmly instruct the person to “back-off” and leave you alone, potentially startling them and giving you an opportunity to escape.

Use Caution After Hours: If you need to use a cashpoint after hours, consider bringing someone with you for added safety. When arriving at a cashpoint by car, scan the area for any suspicious individuals. If you spot someone unusual nearby, it’s advisable to drive away.

Swift Handling: Upon receiving cash from the machine, put it away promptly, retrieve your card, and walk away. Keeping cash and cards secure is essential to your safety.

Stay Calm in an Armed Encounter: If confronted by an armed criminal, prioritise your safety and hand over your money without argument. Material possessions are never worth risking serious injury or loss of life. Once safe, call the police immediately to report the incident.

Staying vigilant and following these security practices can help ensure your safety while using cashpoint machines. Remember, your well-being is paramount.

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