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Facebook Like and Share Prize Giveaway Scams

Many thousands of people run the risk of sharing their personal information with cyber criminals on social media sites that include Facebook. Follow our video and learn to spot Facebook like and share prize giveaway scams.  

Many businesses use social media to promote their products. Providing ‘giveaways’ is a great way for businesses to generate interest online. Unfortunately, cyber criminals can also use this method to engage in fraud on social media sites that include Facebook.

Criminals know we all love free stuff! We also like sharing possible giveaways with our families and friends. If you scroll through Facebook, you’ll find people offering giveaways on all sorts of items; holidays, cars and smart televisions.

Unfortunately, many of the giveaways are created by criminals to lull people into believing they stand a great chance of winning something really special. Criminals aim to collect as many ‘likes and shares’ as they can. The problem with many of these giveaways is that there is rarely a prize. We are simply handing over personal information for nothing but possible grief in return.

‘Like farming’ is the term used whereby criminals use the hope of winning and an expensive prize to encourage people to like and share their pages.

Criminals may use the fact that we have liked their page to send us spam advertising, or malware viruses, in the hope that we will click on them and give them access to our personal details, or sign up to expensive text services!

Learn to spot the signs, report, block and help take these sites down. 

Scam Alert UK, are concerned that a great number of people naively believe these giveaways are real. If their Facebook settings are not secure i.e. there email address or telephone number to accessible to ‘everyone’, they can potentially find themselves being targeted by cyber criminals.

Facebook doesn’t help in this matter, either. The more likes and shares a particular giveaway scam receives, the more likely it will appear in random news feeds, encouraging even more people to click and share.

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