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Lone Worker Contact Details 

Assessing the risk – The risk factor checklist

Employers have responsibilities for the health, safety and welfare at work of their employees and the health and safety of those affected by the work.

Responsibilities include;

  • Consult with employees on Health and Safety at work – a legal duty
  • Assess risks to lone workers
  • Take steps to avoid or control risks where necessary
  • Identify hazards of the work and assess the risks involved
  • Ensure safety procedures are in place – instruction, training, supervision, protective equipment – (personal attack alarms if deemed necessary etc)
  • Supervisors should periodically visit and observe people working alone
  • There should be regular contact by telephone
  • If a risk assessment shows that it is not possible for the work to be carried out safely, arrangements for providing help or  back-up should be put in place
  • Individuals themselves should not decide whether they require assistance, this is the responsibility of the employer

Employees too have responsibilities, some of these include;

  • A duty of care for themselves
  • A duty of care for people affected by their work
  • Co-operate with their employers in meeting their legal obligations

The below table, provides a guidance to employers to assist them when conducting client risk assessment. Should certain risks be present then appropriate measures should be considered to support staff.


Is the person I am dealing with facing high levels of stress?
Is the person likely to be drunk or on drugs?
Does the person have a history of violence?
Does the person have a history of criminal convictions?
Does the person have a history of psychiatric illness?
Does the person suffer from a medical condition that may result in loss of self-control?
Has the person verbally abused me in the past?
Has the person threatened me with violence in the past?
Has the person attacked me in the past?
Does the person perceive me as a threat?
Does the person think of me as a threat to his/her liberty?
Does the person have unrealistic expectations of what I can do ?
Have I felt anxious for my safety with this person before?
Are other people present who will reward the person for violence?
Is the person showing signs of atypical behaviour?
Are there weapons or similar cues to violence ?
Is there a breakdown in the normal pattern of nv communication?
Is the person showing signs of rapid mood swings?
Is the person showing over sensitivity to suggestions or criticisms?
Am I alone and without back-up?
Are colleagues unaware of my whereabouts?
Am I without means of raising the alarm if attacked?
Am I likely to be trapped without an escape route if the person becomes violent?
Am I unaware of how I react in violent situations?