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Licenced Taxi Driver Safeguarding Training


This Safeguarding training is designed for licensed taxi drivers, whether hackney carriage or private hire. It aligns with national guidance requiring all licensed drivers to undertake such training, following exploitation cases in Rotherham, Rochdale, and Oxford where taxi drivers were implicated as abusers or traffickers of young girls.

Taxi drivers uniquely interact with vulnerable people daily. Passengers may disclose things they wouldn’t to authorities. Many transport children with special needs, often with escorts. The course guides on lone working and conflict management due to their role’s nature.

It covers signs and symptoms of abuse, including Child Sexual/Criminal Exploitation, Modern Slavery, Domestic Abuse, Hate Crime, Elder Abuse, discrimination, Hoarding, Cuckooing, Mental Health, and Suicide Prevention.

The primary purpose is equipping drivers to identify abuse signs/symptoms and empowering proactive measures to safeguard vulnerable people. Drivers have a duty of care, and safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.


Course Content

  • Critically recognise the vital frontline role taxi drivers play in proactively keeping children and vulnerable adults safe through their frequent and unique interactions, observations, and mobility during their daily work.
  • Develop comprehensive skills to effectively identify and thoroughly understand potential signs, indicators, and risk factors of different types of abuse including child sexual/criminal exploitation, modern slavery, domestic abuse, hate crimes, elder abuse, discrimination, compulsive hoarding, cuckooing, and mental health crises.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of the paramount importance of a collaborative multi-agency approach and how different organisations including law enforcement, social services, healthcare providers, and community groups collectively work together cohesively to safeguard children and vulnerable adults effectively.
  • Acquire detailed knowledge on proper procedures, escalation protocols, and reporting channels to promptly escalate any safeguarding concerns through designated pathways, whether about a child, vulnerable adult, a colleague’s conduct, or questionable practices within an organisation.
  • Foster an enhanced acute sense of professional responsibility and empowerment to take proactive preventive measures against any potential safeguarding risks encountered through their unique role as professional taxi drivers.
  • Demonstrate an unwavering commitment to upholding the critical duty of care and prioritising the safety and well-being of all service users, especially those in vulnerable situations, at all times.
  • Cultivate increased confidence in identifying opportunities to provide support, guidance or immediate intervention when deemed necessary to safeguard a vulnerable individual from potential harm or abuse.


Training Delivery:

Taxi drivers are licensed via the local authority, ensuring this course can be flawlessly adapted to the specific requirements of any local authority or taxi company. 

Safety Solutions offer a highly flexible learning experience, with the course structured as either one full day or two half days, delivered remotely or face-to-face to best suit your needs. Additionally, the course can be designed to include a pass/fail assessment if required, guaranteeing a comprehensive and thorough learning experience.


Glyndwr Jones

The Trainer

Glyndwr Jones is a seasoned law enforcement professional having served over 30 years with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). He began his career in 1986 as a uniform response officer, developing his skills and knowledge before transitioning to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). As a Detective within the Homicide Command, gaining significant experience investigating serious crimes.

Throughout his career, Glyn took on challenging roles, including working in the field of Child Abuse Investigation, where he was responsible for leading a team of officers in the investigation of all aspects of child abuse.

Glyn’s experience also extends to leading a team of officers investigating domestic abuse, race hate, and homophobic crimes against vulnerable adults in a Community Safety Unit. In addition, he served as a Family Liaison Advisor, overseeing the selection, training, and development of MPS, Family Liaison Officers and providing advice to senior investigating officers and family liaison co-ordinators on all aspects of family liaison. He has also delivered training as an instructor at The Detective Training School, Hendon.

Glyn represented the Metropolitan Police on various safeguarding boards and steering groups, including MARAC. His leadership and collaboration with partner agencies contributed to successful investigations into domestic abuse, vulnerable adults, and child exploitation.

In his most recent role, Glyn led a Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) for 18 months, where he managed a team of staff.

Overall, Glyn’s extensive experience in various law enforcement roles, his leadership and training skills, and his commitment to safeguarding vulnerable communities make him a valuable asset to our Safety Solutions training team.

Licensed Taxi Driver - Safeguarding Training


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